what is business process?

A bussiness process is a series of steps performed by a group of stakeholders to achive a concerete goal.Each step in a business process denotes a task assigned to a participant.It is the fundamental building block for serval related ideas such as business process management,process automation,etc.

The 6 steps of the business process lifecycle

step 1 : Define your objective

what is the purpose of the process? why was it created? How will you know if it is successful?

step 2: Creating and analysis alternatives

what are the strategies needed to achive the gols? This is the broad roadmap for the process.

step 3: involve and assign stakeholders

Identify the individual task your teams and machines need to do in order to execute the plan.

step 4: Test the process

Run the process on a small scale to see how it performs.Observe any gaps and make adjustments.

step 5:Run the process

start running the process in a live environment.Properly communicate and train all stakeholders.

step 6: Analysis the result

Review the process and analyze its patterns. Document the process history.