Talent Acquisition

Step 1

Understand the current requirement of the corporate.

Step 2

Indentify the candidates according to the job description and eligible criteria.

Step 3

Interview the indentified candidate.

Step 4

Share the selected candidate CV to the corporate.

Step 5

Arrange 2nd round of interview of the selected candidates with the corporate.

Step 6

Cordinate with corporate for the final result.

Step 7

Declare the result and inform the finalised candidates.

Step 8

Cordinate with the corporate and the candidates about the joining date.


Through university campus drive we are connected with large number of students. Based on requirements of the companies we prepare & conduct various tests (technical & soft skills). Students skill matrix is evaluated and enhanced by experts (connect link of expert collaborations) so you can hire talents as per your requirements

technical acquisition photo

Stakeholder Advantage

1.Ease of Hiring Process

I.Time & Resources saved in connection building

II.planning & arranging seminar for students planning & arranging awareness seminar for students

III. screening of students from students’ pool

IV.improved skill matrix-based recruitment needs

2.Cost Cutting / Recruitment Marketing Cost

I.Social Media Advertisem

3.Support SMEs and MSMEs for the acquisition & hiring Process

4.Building productivity and loyal employees

5.Trust building-university connection