Corporate Workshop

Process - Corporate Training

Know skill matrix of employees through pre assessment test.

Based on test results and project requirement customize training module is prepare by experts

Experts conduct hands on training.

Post assessment test and feedback report shared with HR.


Workshop aims to upskill corporate employees of the ICT & engineering domain. These hands-on trainings are customized based on requirements of the industrial projects. Corporate trainers are Experts from various domain connected on our platform through one of our services of “expert collaboration. Subject to training requirements, trainers of the relevant expertise conduct the training

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Stakeholder Advantage

Scope of improvements after the training: technical skills/behavioural skills / project management skills
Efficiency: outcome because of pre-assessment test and customized training
knowledge about the technological update and its application, helps add values in delivering the project requirements of the clients
training on behavioural and project management skills provide employees support by improving their consistency, task management skills, and productivity
Transparency: know the outcome of the training by post-assessment test at the completi0n of training