Our Motto

Our motto is to prepare the students for working environment, relevant sector ad host location. We aim to get the skilled talent ready to cater to the upheaval of ICT jobs year on year. With the ongoing pandemic, that has caused an uncertainty about the future job opportunities, we have decided to launch our newest venture to ensure a growth and surety of jobs for the youth of India.

1. Visionary Information and Communication Technology company.

2. Looking to rejuvenate the employability levels of the Indian workforce.

3. Research Centre to support training as well as building future products.

4. Industry Experts across the globe with offline campuses (blended Learning model).

5. Headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat with Research Centre in Noida and Surat.

Our Mission

To empower our youth to contribute towards the development of or country through specific and customised training and mentoring programs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an ecosystem to equip, empower and encourage the Human Talent as well as companies to contribute towards the country’s development through specific, customized and relevant research based training & mentoring programs as well as Product development, mainly in the Engineering Domain.

Our Goals

1. Enhancing the skill set of people is the main goal.

        I. To make them employable (Urban and Rural)

        II. Upskilling for already employed people

        III. Publishing of Technical articles and Papers

2. To develop Research based products for SME and MSME industries.

3. Collaboration with Universities / Colleges to serve as research wing by giving back to the society in terms of Technology.

4. Research leading to IP and Patent Development.